Dealing With Frustrations? Here Are Some Tips To Help

Frustration at work seems to be inescapable. Even when you have “the job” and most days are great – chances are there are parts of your job or daily responsibilities that leave you feeling frustrated. If you aren’t careful, your frustration – and lack of ability to address it – will turn your great job into a miserable task. Here are some tips to help you this week:

1. What’s your ONE thing?

Gary Kellar writes in his book that everybody has one thing they can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. By focusing on what your ONE thing is, you can help eliminate other distractions and tasks that are actually unnecessary. By realizing that 80% of your success will come from 20% of your efforts, then you can start cutting things that aren’t helping you succeed as much.

2. Strive For Healthy Confrontation

If you’ve dealt with people ever, you probably have dealt with frustration.  Conflict and disagreements can lead to you deter from the ultimate goal, but they don’t have to. The problem usually lies when conflict lies on either side of the spectrum: either artificial harmony or personal attacks. If you live there, you will be frustrated, but if you strive to be in the middle – with healthy conflict that does conform to artificial harmony or get the point of attacking someone personally, you’ll eliminate frustrations.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Our most common frustrations come from someone or something not living up to what we expected from them. Chances are, you’ve thought a boss, employee or job would be different than it actually was, and when they didn’t match up to your expectations you were left disappointed and frustrated. By sitting down and realizing what you should really expect, you can help set yourself up for fewer frustrations.

What are some ways you deal with frustration at your job?