Trust vs. Truth - Closer Than You Think

Have you ever had to share some information with co-worker or employee that they didn’t receive so well? There have been countless times over my life where I’ve shared information with people and although it was true, they were unhappy to hear it. I believe that truth and trust are closer than we think.

Imagine with me for a moment you’re sitting at a restaurant with a friend, and they share with you that your shirt really doesn’t go well with what you’re wearing. The hard truth for some of us, but we would happily thank our friend for looking out for us and move on. If your waiter walked up and said the exact same phrase, chances are you would ask that guy – who do you think you are? Same truth, different level of trust.

One thing you should be passionately pursuing each day is to build trust with those around you, so that when it comes time to deliver truth – no matter the case, you have enough built in the tank so that it can be received not rejected. I would venture to say that quite a few workplace frustrations come from people who haven’t built up any trust delivering truth they have no equity for.  Spend time today with your coworkers, employees, and even bosses building trust so that when it’s time for you to be the leader you need to be, you can bring truth to every situation.