Quick shot out of a cannon – if I offered you a chance to be smarter or safer in your job which would you prefer? Logically you’d say smarter, but when you step back and think about it you actually would prefer to be safer. I’ll be honest with you – this concept is tough to be ok with. You’re reading this right now to gain more knowledge and become smarter, somewhat of a counter-intuitive point, right? 

When You’re Safe, You Think Freely

Remember growing up how much fun you had around your friends. It’s easy to forget because as leaders we’ve probably separated from close relationships, but those were moments where you thought and acted freely because you trusted those you were around. It’s important to remember that nothing great has ever happened alone, but if the environment isn’t good that doesn’t help much either (we’re looking at your Lebron James and JR Smith).

The amount of things you’ll accomplish by being smart is great, but the amount of things you’ll accomplish by being free is astounding.

When You’re Safe, You Let Others In

Remember the last point (Lebron and all)? Getting the right people around you helps accomplish things that are impossible alone. However, it’s tough to get people around you when you’re just focused on grabbing more knowledge. When Jim Collins talks about getting the right people on the bus, I think it’s important to remember that the right people have to want to get on the bus.

You’re great! You can do so many things, but you should know this – you’re better together! Use the people around you!

Here’s the wrap-up – wisdom is great, but take some time today to build some trust and safety around you.