Everything Optimus Training is about is trying to help people be better. We often run into the mental conflict where we’re not saying you’re not great already, but we just believe there is more. So often, people ask the question, how do I get better? From focusing on time management to dealing with conflict – how do I improve and be better?

Step 1: Stop Focusing on Your Weaknesses

One of the most enlightening things I experienced was helping people stop focusing on their weaknesses and start working on their strengths. Here’s what you need to realize, your strengths are what allowed you to be in the position you’re in. By making them better, you’re making yourself better, and ultimately what put you in the place you’re in will be solidified.

I recommend you check out StregnthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath if you haven’t yet.

Step 2: Set A Goal

Remember the last trip you went on without a destination, the last game you played without a final score, or the last show you watched without a finale? It doesn’t happen, because there needs to be an end result. You trying to be better at something requires a goal and measurement – remember, you measure what matters

Step 3: Celebrate

This one was so hard for me to get. I spent so much time ingesting books, podcasts, training, and coaching that I didn’t realize that the specific things I was working on had gotten better. I also missed celebrating that I had achieved what I had. It made the work I had done less enjoyable and didn’t make me want to continue to work as hard. Taking a moment to celebrate with whatever it is that you love (I started buying tech products that I wanted once I hit my goals, you get it) will give you the motivation to keep going.

I want you to be better, use these three steps to step into that today.