Over the years there have been times I have jumped right into Christmas as soon as I pushed away from the Thanksgiving table…well after the last football game maybe. This year was the first time I ever went to a “Black Friday Sale”, and it was an outdoor mall, so it felt like at least I was getting some fresh air and walking off all the turkey from the day before.

I did not have a list of who to buy for, so I bought for myself! That sounds bad, doesn’t it? I found myself at stores that had stuff I like, and after a couple hours I loaded up my bags and headed home, thinking I had gotten some great buys! Oh, the season for giving-LOL.

Driving home, I reflected on a couple things I teach in my classes. Some of you have been in those classes and you know. The first, if it is not on your schedule, it doesn’t exist. In other words, you need a plan, a schedule to check if you’re doing everything that promotes success for you and your business. Secondly, a Success List is a great way daily assure that you are making progress. Notice, I did not say a “To Do” list. I used to put together a “to do” list every morning because I really liked checking tasks off once I completed them.

As a matter of fact, many times I realized I would do something that was not on the list! So of course, I would quickly add it to my “to do” list, so I could get the satisfaction of checking it off. In those days, I would have a list of things checked off but wasn’t productive at all. Remember there is a difference in being busy and productive.

A Success List allows you to determine what is the most important thing you should do, not could do. It prioritizes the most important things that will contribute to your goals, your objectives, your mission-critical items for SUCCESS.

So, for the rest of this year, let’s develop a new habit by creating a SCHEDULE and a SUCCESS LIST. Take time during these busy holidays, to think about what the most important thing is, the ONE Thing to focus on every day. Then if you have not yet developed your goals for next year, stop and spend some time on the goal-setting process. Create a clear picture of what you want to accomplish before this year has ended. You will feel ready come the first of the year. And it will allow you to relax and enjoy the real meaning of this special season. (hint, it’s not to buy yourself more stuff).

Happy Holidays,