I think everywhere I have turned over the past week I’ve seen or heard something about “new year, new me” or “best year ever”. The best part about a new year is all of the hope and optimism that comes with it. Resolve, excitement, and commitment usually are the echo of our voices from December 27th to January 10th.  But does any of this really work? Or is it just a 2 week period that gets us excited to be better only to return to the status quo that was before.

I’ve got to be honest with you – I like resolutions – but I love revolutions. Revolutions that start with an idea or a word that becomes a lifestyle. The greatest changes in history happened around a revolution – not a resolution. So the question has to be how do I make a revolution instead of a resolution. 

I believe it begins with a word – one word that will create and define your year. One word that will help you focus your life and run towards it. One word that shapes who you are as a boss, an employee, a spouse, a parent, and most of who you are as a person. I believe in this so much, I’m actually teaching an event on how to you can pick you one word. I’ve been picking a word that describes my year for a while now, and instead of resolutions that fizzle by the end of January, I’ve experienced resolutions that make my life different. I have a feeling that like me when you focus on picking one word, you’ll learn that word often picks you long before you pick it.

If you want to learn how to select your one word, then join me on January 11th for a short lesson on how you can properly pick your one word. This is an event that you don’t want to miss.

This year, your best year yet starts with a revolution – it’s time to identify what is going to revolutionize your life.

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