Here's How You Can Lead Better This Week

A few weeks ago, I came across a leader who had a frustration with someone he was trying to lead (big surprise, I know) – his complaint was “This guy wants to sit at the table and help make decisions, but he is always dropping the ball.” Ultimately, as a leader everything rises and falls on you – so how did this happen? 

After a series of questions, we realized that the person in question had never had the communication of expectation – and it left everyone feeling confused and frustrated. I have found that setting expectations is one of the single biggest changes businesses make – and the results produce happier leaders, and more efficient workers. So how do you properly set expectations?

Make Sure Expectations Are Realistic

Rarely will you find someone who cares as much about your business or organization as you do – that’s why you started it or are helping lead it. Thinking that every employee or co-worker will care about it like you do will only leave you annoyed and leave them feeling inadequate. Instead, what do you need to be done that will make sense for them – do you need them there at a certain time, communicate that – and lead them there.

Make Sure Expectations Are Clear

This is the most important step – too often we give people responsibilities without expectations and it leads to more disgruntlement than anything else. Spend time explaining clear expectations on how you want team members to identify, develop, and empower leaders – don’t just say what you want – tell them how you would like them to go about it until they are able to lead on their own.

Make Sure Expectations Are Explained

The why matters more than anything – if people lose the why, then they won’t be able to find a way. You may clearly know why you want people to do a specific task like greet people who walk in the door a certain way, but if you don’t lead them there they may not meet expectations. Instead, explain the why behind the what so they don’t only achieve them, but they exceed them.

What are some of your favorite ways to set expectations? Let us know below!