Your mind is more powerful than you ever dreamed! Yet if you are like most people, you don’t use your mind to really dwell on that truth. Most of us don’t think about thinking! But, the more we think about it, the more we create our reality. Have you ever considered that you have that much power? You have the power to create. Have you heard it said, “They are so creative.” People may have said that about you. As it turns out there is a strong link between your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Your thoughts
set in motion is what I call “Self-Cycles”. The Self-Cycles we set in motion directly affect how we behave, and they all start with a thought.

The cycle goes something like this; I have a thought, that produces a feeling, that produces a behavior. Let’s say you have an exceptional day, for some reason everything just fell into place and the world seems all is well. If you think success thoughts, success seems to manifest itself. The opposite can also be said, when your thoughts are worry or fear and failure, you start to manifest that into your Self Cycle. Then you feel like a failure, you start to believe that may be true for you and begin to behave like a failure.
In my coaching business I see these Self-Cycles at work all the time, and based on a couple of questions, normally know about where someone is in the cycle. When someone says, “I can’t seem to advance in my career, I guess I don’t have what it takes”. That assumption leads to discouragement and causes them to put in less effort. Of course, the lack of effort then causes them not to advance, and they feel like they don’t have what it takes!
Or, someone will say, “I am just not a leader, and I am a manager at the office.” So, at the office when leadership is needed, this Self-Cycle has already been in action, and the manager feels they are incapable of making leadership decisions.

Once you draw a conclusion about yourself, you’re likely to move into the next cycle, which means you will look for evidence to support your belief and ignore or at least discount anything that doesn’t support your conclusion. You may want to consider it is not your lack of talent or lack of anything except, your lack of belief that you can change the Self-Cycle at any time. Begin by creating more positive thoughts. Spend some time each morning in meditation. Centering one’s self, being more optimistic
produces productive behavior, and sets a much more positive Self-Cycle into motion.

Conclusion: Take a good hard look at what you are creating with the labels you have placed on yourself, remind yourself that these do not have to define you or your future. Know you can change the way you think, the way you feel, and your behavior. Continue to challenge your Self-Cycles, interrupt those cycles when they are not serving you well with positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Wishing you the Best, …. Self-Cycles – Better Your Best- Mel