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If you could spend One Morning, of One Day, doing The One Thing that could change the trajectory of your business, and then, in turn, your life, would you do it?

 Offered at our Training partner: Harding University in Rogers, AR  or at your location, we invite you to join us for The ONE Thing Fundamentals Seminar where you will learn what it takes to regain lost time and productivity, accomplish big goals and to always stay focused on The ONE Thing that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. ONE Thing Fundamentals is designed for busy people who want to accomplish more by doing less.

This Three Hour Seminar will give you a working knowledge of The ONE Thing, You’ll be empowered to:

Discover Your One Thing


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Find the Power of Going Small
Combat the 6 lies that hold us back
Get on the path to productivity and stay there

Become accountable to yourself


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Apply the One Thing to each aspect of your life
Stack your goals and climb to success
Maximize productivity and time management

Become purposeful in all that you do


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Discover your Big Why
Start Implementing Your One Thing

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