Positive Vision: Why You Should Create and Share It

As a leader, you are often expected to have a vision for the future. What’s next? Where are we going? How do we stay cutting edge? You may know what is possible, but does your team?

A positive leader sees what’s possible and then takes the next steps to rally and unite people to create it. Every invention, project, creation, and transformation starts with an idea, an imagination, and a vision of what’s possible (Gordon, 2017, p. 31-32)

Positive Vision Helps Find A Way Forward

One of the biggest obstacles to your business becoming what it needs to be is the obstacles it will face. From client issues to production and everything in between, if you’re not careful obstacles can derail the forward movement. However, positive vision will push the way forward.

Nothing is more compelling than a clear, concise, and bold vision that can be clearly articulated. Jon Gordon writes that “Positive leaders tap into the power of a vision and find a way forward” (Gordon, 2017, p. 31). To rally people to follow them, positive leaders have to be able to “articulate and communicate [their] vision in a simple, clear, bold, and compelling way” (Gordon, 2017, p. 32).

Taking a moment to share the vision with your team may be the thing needed to get them over their current obstacle.

Positive Vision Pulls People Towards The Same Goal

Have you ever watched a team of people pulling in opposite directions? The sales team are focused on one thing while the service team is looking at another, all the while the office staff and directors are thinking of something else. Many places have these issues, but few know how to correct it.

“The vision a positive leader creates and shares serves as a North Star that points and moves everyone in an organization in the right direction. The leader must continually point to this North Star and remind everyone that this is where we are going” (Gordon, 2017, p. 33).

The number one priority that you should take each day is to remind people of where you are going. What gets repeated gets remembered, and what gets remembered gets replicated.

Keep One Eye On The Big Picture and One Eye On The Moment

It’s important to have a vision that you want to accomplish. It’s also important to have values that match the vision. It’s great to say, ” I want to be a company with 3 locations in 2 years.” But, what are you doing to make that be a reality?

“If you only have a telescope, then you’ll be thinking about your vision all the time and dreaming about the future but not taking the necessary steps to realize it. If you only have a microscope, then you’ll be working hard every day but set-backs and challenges will likely frustrate and discourage you because you’ll lose sight of the big picture” (Gordon, 2017, p. 34).

What are some ways you share a positive vision in your workplace?

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