On Wednesday I hopped on a plane to fly to DC. I usually enjoy flying – it’s 2 hours of time where I can’t check my email and can just think, read, dream, and listen to podcasts. The only consistent downside is that I’m usually stuck in a seat that has less than enjoyable company next to me. Not this time – I sat next to Ty who in January had just started his own business. After 20 years of working for a company he decided to step out on his. Things were clearly going well as he was taking his family of 6 to the Bahamas. 

Ty spent most of the flight talking about business – why he was successful, about his machines, and about his clients. Then he started asking me questions – how to lead his company, to reach and engage more people, and more. He talked about his company with excitement and he asked questions with true wonder. I have no doubt that Ty is going to continue to grow a successful company.

When Was The Last Time You Shared The Vision of Your Day to Day with Excitement

Whether you are leading a company, leading a team, making sales, or just getting started, chances are you can get caught in the monotony of the day to day. I listened to Ty share with me everything about his company, and felt guilty that I hadn’t talked like that in months. I believed in him and his company – and people want that from you too. 

Your sales will increase, your trust will increase, and you will lead better. Share why you started the company, share why you love helping people. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do people call you over your competetion, and how are you changing the lives of your customers?

If you do this – it will capture the people around you (maybe I’ll be next to you on the plane) and it will keep you going!