Everyone loves a great a vacation – but when you’re faced with a short week at work due to a holiday it can often be a time of stress and long days to try to meet deadlines. Chances are, even this week, you’ve dealt with a decent amount of stress trying to fit a full week into 3 days. However, by capturing the spirit of this week – and taking time to be thankful – you can actually propel you into your most successful week. Here’s how:

Being Thankful Focuses Your Why

What are you thankful for? Your family? Your home? Your car? Whatever it may be, you’re probably working hard to make sure those things are well maintained. By taking the rest of this week to realize how blessed we are, it refocuses us as to why we’re working for what we’re working for. Making those sales calls, leading your team through adversity, or just facing a tough task will become a lot easier to do (and do well) when you know exactly what you’re working towards.

Being Thankful Creates Culture

Positive Culture can hide an abundance of issues. I recently spent time with an organization who despite missing the mark in several key areas, yet mandated a positive culture. What I witnessed was the ability for people to push through deadlines and achieve more than even I could’ve guessed. That culture was started from the top down and began with the leaders being thankful for their opportunities. Taking time this week to be thankful will help you develop a culture envied by many but rivaled by few.

Being Thankful Is Just Better

If I’m being honest with you – this last one is incredibly opinion based – but after dealing with thousands of people across the country the ones I find to be the most successful and most pleasant to deal with is those who are thankful. By choosing thankfulness, and taking time to reflect on how insanely blessed we are – our production, our success, and our lives will be better.

Share below some of the things you are thankful for.