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People, Process, Programs

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3P Solutions provides a holistic approach to your business.  We begin with asking key impactful business analysis questions regarding your People, Processes, and Organizational Programs.  Each OPTIMUS Business Coach is selected based on the business assessment needs and matched against their expertise and experience.  We have the ability to make the complex, SIMPLE.


Our process will allow your Leadership team to step away from working IN the business in order to take time out and work ON the business. Determining, with our business coach, which key focus areas will produce impactful bottom line results is the goal. Our business coaches have insights that will increase your productivity and profit margins. Below are just a few of our proven areas that will make the greatest impact on your business.

With over 35 years’ experience coaching startups and medium and large companies we have created 3P Solutions.  We bring successful business tools and experience from the past + unique innovative new concepts that drive results.

"All Organizations are Designed to Get the Results They Get"

If you want to change the business and or organizational results you need to examine several keys areas inside your organization or team.  Many believe the word design and structure are the same. Team structure is simply one element of design. Give us a call to discuss your organizational design and allow us to find ways to adjust and improve your results.

We offer a proven methodology that provides the necessary changes for improved results. We provide an in-depth analysis and discovery of your business looking at both internal and external factors affecting your business.

We examine the links to strategically drive accountability, focus on value creation, develop or better understand business relationships, your culture and your overall objectives.


How do I know if I have what I need? Too much or too little process is one of the main productivity inhibitors.  Let's eliminate unnecessary process and streamline to improve productivity and output.  Process reengineering is a big factor in improving the bottom line.

Our methodology uncovers processes that can bottleneck your organization or decrease productivity. Our goal is to help your process owners be the HERO. 

What makes us unique is that we ask the right questions, focus on all aspects of the work within the process and gain key insights from those doing the work.  This analysis allows us to then suggest proven tools & techniques that provide SOLUTIONS that increase productivity, find profit generating improvements that save money and enhance the team culture.  


High Performaning Teams understand the six areas that make each member reach Peak Performance. Develop a "NASCAR" type team. People costs are your largest expense on your P&L. Productivity, Performance and making 1+1 = a number greater than 2 is key. Any team can perform at a level to make 1+1 = 2, lets increase your number!

There is a BIG difference between team building and the development of a high performance team.  Don't think they are the same thing. 


Change is continual and constant. A competitive advantage is reached when you and your team learn the techniques to accept and move through change with speed and accuracy. Avoiding change management is a very costly choice.  We help companies embrace profitable changes that increase the bottom line. 

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