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The ONE Thing Group Teleseminar

If you feel overwhelmed, distracted or stretched too thin....$99 per month per person, we can help!

Only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and your big goals. The ONE Thing Teleseminar program is for those committed to achieving extraordinary results, and no less.

Receive coaching from some of the world's best business coaches and leaders, including the ONE Thing co-author Jay Papasan.

Based on The ONE Thing, this powerful 12-week teleseminar at only $99 per month will empower you to:

✔ Identify your ONE Thing
✔ Get clarity around your purpose
✔ Build productive habits into your daily life
✔ Plan for extraordinary results with Goal Setting to the Now
✔ Protect your ONE Thing time

The ONE Thing Group Teleseminar

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